Complaints, whistleblowing procedures/abuse reporting

Whistleblowing/abuse reporting, complaints


A whistleblowing report (public interest disclosure) draws attention to a circumstance the cessation of which is in the interest of the community or society as a whole. A whistleblowing (public interest disclosure) may also contain a proposal.


A complaint is a request for the redress of an individual's rights or interests, which is not subject to any other procedure, in particular judicial or administrative. A complaint may also contain a proposal.


Anyone can lodge a complaint or a whistleblowing report (public interest disclosure) with the competent body. If a complaint or a whistleblowing report (public interest disclosure) has not been lodged with the appropriate body, the complaint or whistleblowing report will be transferred to the body entitled to handle it within eight days of receipt. The referral will be notified to the complainant or the whistleblower at the same time as the referral.


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If you wish to lodge a complaint with the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Deputy Commissioner for the Interests of Future Generations or the Deputy Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of National Minorities in Hungary, you can send your complaint to the addresses listed below:


The Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights (hereinafter referred to as "the Office")


Mailing address:              1387 Budapest Pf. 40.
Phone:                             (06-1) 475-7100
E-mail address:                
Office:                              1055 Budapest V., Falk Miksa u. 9-11.

    (by appointment only)



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Pursuant to Act XXV of 2023 on complaints, notifications of public interest and rules on the notification of abuse, notifications of public interest can be made from 1 January 2014 and notifications of abuse (whistleblowing) from 24 July 2023 via the secure electronic system operated by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.


Anyone with information about an unlawful or suspected unlawful act, omission or other abuse can report it to the separate abuse reporting system.


How to submit a whistleblowing:


Electronically (with or without a client portal) at webpage, under the Ügyindítás, and Ügyintézés  menus.


By phone:           (06-80) 215-000 freephone green number

   (06-1) 475-7100 land line

Office:                 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.

   (by appointment only)


Since its establishment in 2011, the National Protective Service (hereinafter referred to as the NPS) has been given the statutory priority of contributing to the fight against corruption, preventing the spread of organised crime within law enforcement agencies, high-level intelligence work and protection activity. In its activities, the NPS places particular emphasis on effective action against maladministration.


The National Protective Service does not have a complaints office, there is no reception, so it is not possible to make a personal complaint. We welcome your submissions at the following contact details:


National Protective Service
Mailing address:   1391 Pf.: 239.
Phone:                  (+36 80) 200-974 freephone green number

     (+36-1) 433-9722 land line

E-mail:                  yLsFitAQAiipZdAx6EJMMWWbnZzekBudnN6Lmh1 
Web page: