To promote the harmonization of ethical regulations, a Green Book was published 2013 assisting bodies of public service professionals with developing their codes of professional ethics in the same year.

Education and training are essential elements of corruption prevention. Professionals working in the public sector need to have a strong knowledge of integrity regulations. Furthermore, they need to be sensitised to matters relating to integrity and need to be familiarised with the ethical values based on which their organisations operate.

The National University of Public Service (NKE) launched a dedicated further training programme in 2012 for integrity advisors to equip them with the knowledge necessary to fulfil their role.

As a result of the continuous cooperation between NKE and the National Protective Service (Nemzeti Védelmi Szolgálat, NVSZ), a broad range of different training programmes were developed and made available for professionals. More than a thousand public service professionals attend these training programmes every year which proves their popularity.