With the establishment of the new government formation, the organizational structure responsible for combating corruption changed.

In accordance with paragraph 39. § (2) of 152/2014. (VI. 6.) Government Regulation on the tasks and responsibilities of the members of the Government the Minister of Interior, among its responsibility for law enforcement, coordinates governmental tasks regarding anti-corruption.

According to the 1452/2014. (VIII. 1.) Government Decision the Minister of Interior is responsible for the professional content of the ÁROP-1.1.21. project „Preventing of corruption and the overview of government-development”. Therefore the transmission of the project and also of the tasks relating to corruption prevention were completed between the Ministry of Justice as the successor of the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice and between the Ministry of Interior of Hungary. On the basis of Dr. Sándor Pintér Minister of Interior’s decision the professional responsibilities will be taken over by dr. Krisztina Berta Deputy state Secretary for EU and International Relations, and project-management tasks were already taken over by the Department of Support Coordination of the Ministry of Interior.