The workshop of 19 March on information campaigns aiming at corruption prevention was the last of the seminar series being organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Public Administration and Justice together with the OECD. The workshops took part in the framework the OECD - Hungary Partnership in Public Administration Reform Programme.

Three seminars were held in Budapest within the framework of the Partnership Agreement between Hungary and the OECD, this cooperation aims at providing the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice with advice on the development and implementation of its public administration reform program. The seminars provided an opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices on corruption prevention and start a discussion amongst the participants on what should be done in Hungary. The three seminars addressed the following issues:

  • codes of ethics for civil servants (July 2012)
  • protection of whistle-blowers in practice (October 2012)
  • information campaigns on corruption prevention aimed at both civil servants and the public (March 2013)

The seminar of March was attended by Mr. János Bertók, the Head of the Public Sector Integrity Division for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Mr. Gu Yueren, Deputy Director-General of the General Office of China’s National Bureau of Corruption Prevention. In addition to hearing the experiences of Latvia, the United Kingdom, Hungary and China on the implementation of anti-corruption measures and awareness-raising media campaigns, participants also participated in working group sessions to exchange ideas for a potential Hungarian communication strategy initiative.

You can find further information about the seminar on corruption prevention campaigns in our Workshop Summary, and you can read more about the seminar of July on the OECD home page: