Hungary, within the anti-corruption governmental program 1227/2012 (VII. 6) joined to the so called Open Government Partnership initiative in 2012. The purpose of the OGP is to provide framework, to enhance and improve publicity, civil and social participation, and transparency.

The implementation of the first national action plan was finished in May 2014. Its self-evaluation has been finalised, thus the launch of the preparation of the second national action plan has become actual. The next two-year action plan has to be prepared by February 2015, which is the task of the National Protective Service Department of Corruption Prevention. The timing of the preparation of the action plan is the following:

Date Occasion
End of December 2014 Launch of the preparation of the second Hungarian national action plan, press release on website;

call for proposals on the content of action plan;

information for OGP Steering Committee about the launch of preparation.
January 2015 First consultation with governmental institutes and with the representatives of the business sphere;

two weeks social consultation of on the draft action plan on website;

in parallel with social consultation meetings on professional organistaions.
February 2015 Draft, which contains government decision and reaffirmed commitment of OGP for 2015-2016, to be submitted to Government.
March 2015 Introduction of the second Hungarian national action plan at the OGP meeting.

More information can be found in connection with the Open Government Partnership initiative or with the second Hungarian national action plan’s preparation on and websites.