Within the framework of the Public Administration Corruption Prevention Programme, dissemination campaigns based on unified principles but differentiated for each target group will be launched in order to improve public awareness and knowledge in connection with corruption phenomena and the attitudes and counter-measures that may be employed to effectively fight them.

Besides advocating the values that curb corruption, dissemination campaigns seek to boost trust in the public service and promote an organisational culture that can detect and identify corruption, one that condemns and eliminates it.

Furthermore, dissemination campaigns familiarise the broader public with the individual components of the corruption-prevention programme, promoting positive attitudes in the relationships between citizens and public servants.

In the interest of the implementation of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, a briefing programme for Hungarian businesses will also be launched. The objective of the programme is to help businesses avoid unfair market conduct, especially, bribery, also in their dealings abroad. It is the government’s responsibility to inform businesses on potential legal ramifications and related consequences so that businesses can allocate their resources to increasing their competitiveness.