Civil Society Cooperation

The Government of Hungary attaches utmost importance to the cooperation with civil organizations, since the active involvement of the civil stakeholders is crucial for effective and democratic governance. Thus civil society organizations were involved in the drafting process of the commitments to be made in the framework of the Open Government Partnership, and later the final Action Plan was subjected to broad public consultations prior to its approval.

The Open Government Expert Working Group, which comprises both civil and governmental organizations, held its first meeting in September 2012, though prior to this time, the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice had provided opportunity to civil stakeholders to make their suggestions regarding the possible OGP commitments. The active and broad participation of civil organizations and citizens was assured by several Working Group sessions, the consultation with civil organizations prior to it, and the general public consultation on the Action Plan before its final approval.

The Government of Hungary regards public consultation as essential not just in the developing of the Action Plan, but also in its implementation. Therefore, the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice holds in-person consultations with the civil organizations and experts regularly on a monthly basis. The aim of these meetings is to provide up-to-date information on the implementation of the commitments and the Corruption Prevention Programme, and also to solicit further input from the civil society.

Supporting the effective implementation of the OGP commitments, the aforementioned monthly consultations give an opportunity to civil stakeholders to get up-to-date and accurate information, articulate their opinion and provide the Ministry with further suggestions.