Awareness raising

The former Ministry of Justice and Public Administration (KIM) launched a project funded by the European Social Fund (ÁROP Project 1) one of the aims of which was to raise public awareness on corruption and on counter-measures in order to empower citizens to resist corruption and widen their knowledge on the topic.

The ÁROP Project was implemented between 2012 and 2014 by KIM in consortium with NKE. The implementation period of the project was originally eighteen months but was later extended to 30th September 2015. NVSZ joined the consortium on 1st December 2014 with the task of implementing the public awareness campaign.

The main element of the campaign was a media campaign delivered through both national and local media. The media campaign was complemented by in-person contact with the target groups at different events and summer festivals through which NVSZ provided hundreds of citizens with practical information on corruption. Moreover, almost two thousand police and public administration professionals were contacted at different professional events by NVSZ.

One of the most important conclusions of the campaign is that the distrust shown by citizens and professionals can be traced back to the lack of information. However, at the same time they are opened to communication based on partnership that provides practical information. The results of a representative survey measuring the awareness and attitude of the public towards corruption conducted in the framework of the ÁROP Project also confirm this conclusion.

More than one hundred professional events providing a forum for knowledge and experience exchange for public officials and businesses were organized as part of NVSZ’s awareness-raising activity.